16 Lost And Hound
SIZE : hound
SOLD : £ 500

Crofts Veterinary Practice
Crofts Veterinary Practice, Petworth Road
Katherine Bedson
Growing up hearing stories of life in the veterinary practice (thanks mum), sisters Katherine and Annie have always had a keen interest in the animal world. While Annie decided she wanted to know more and qualified as an RVN in 2018, Katherine decided to set off on a more creative path. Katherine Bedson Interior and Landscape Design was formed in 2017, creating bespoke interiors across Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire.

In February, Katherine was asked by crofts to work on their edition of the Haslemere Hound, to which she agreed, as long as Annie was on board. Annie, who paints and sketches in her spare time (see her work on Instagram!) was also up for the job.
Downing cushions and catheters in favour of brushes, they set to work.

‘Lost and Hound' is inspired by the local countryside, where many of crofts clients can be found bounding along, sniffing down rabbit holes and jumping in muddy puddles. Our four legged mural is however in place to raise awareness of a more serious issue. With the large number of pets that go missing Crofts are highlighting the importance of the microchipping process - from the initial registration and updating of contact information to regular scanning. Our Hound will be raising funds to support those animals that are unfortunate enough not to be reunited, and instead end up in kennels and rescue centres.

If you’d like to make a donation, pop in to Crofts, and see how many dogs you can find in amongst the foliage!

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